Why Work With Us?

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Here's what our satisfied customers are saying about us:

Prior to meeting Marian we had spoken with some other brokers, however we met Marian and felt she was interested in helping us find the best summer home for our family needs. It was a far different felling than when we spoke with other brokers. Marian took us all over Mashpee multiple times and followed up on everything that we asked, an in fact most often went above and beyond. Also important to mention is Marian's honesty.

Mark's knowledge of his business and his proessional and calming demeanor, made our purchase a very positive experience.

It has been a real pleasure working with Alexis Hanson this summer in purchasing a home in New Seabury! We have not bought a home since the 80's and it was quite the experience. Lex was very knowledgeable, helpful and attentive to all our needs and questions throughout this process! Thank you Lex!
The Benchmark of Excellence for any organization is their Customer Service. Alexis Hanson went above & beyond to show myself and my partner many different properties and was so patient and knowledgeable with us. She responded to our every need and request with grace & class. When it came time to negotiate Lex really shined. She negotiated so many extras for us that we ended up with far more house and accessories than we ever imagined. For your Real Estate needs, I highly recommend New Seabury Sotheby's, but in particular, Alexis Hanson. Can't Thank her enough for such a smooth process and transition. She is The Best!

If you are interested in real estate in New Seabury, then you must contact Mark Thompson. His extensive knowledge of every neighborhood, both it’s past history and present status is outstanding. He is extremely professional and his attention to detail is second to none. I recently purchased a cottage in Maushop Village and Mark could not have been more helpful, reliable and effective. I highly recommend Mark, he is everything you could want and need in a real estate broker!

I was so lucky to find Jason. He helped me negotiated a beautiful condo at Maushop Village in New Seabury. We just closed last week. Jason is highly recommended.

Mark is a professional.. He knows the market and the clients. He sold my house in less than a week with a cash offer. That says it all ! Mark sold the house to me 11 years ago and I remembered I enjoyed working with him then. I highly recommend Mark for all your Real Estate requirements.

I would highly recommend Mark to anyone looking to sell or buy a house on the Cape. Mark has a realistic perspective on the ebbs and flows of the market on the Cape. He doesn't over-promise, exaggerate, or give you estimates that he can't back up. He will give a reasonable and quantitative rationale for any estimation that he gives. Just makes you feel good about prices and market values so you don't feel like you're working with an overzealous, irrational salesperson type. Mark is very professional and has a cool calm demeanor that is of the utmost helpful when the inevitable hurdles present themselves (as they do at some point in most real estate experiences.) Beyond the professional demeanor, Mark also has a wealth of knowledge about who can help with whatever your need might be. In my case, he connected me with cleaning people, carpet people, painters, you name it. Mark is someone that can connect you with awesome, reasonable, and high quality skilled workers. And that really comes in handy when you need it. I'll also add that Mark also connected me with a legal team to handle the paperwork (and representation because I was out of state). And those people were the absolute nicest and most pleasant of any group of lawyers i could possibly imagine. Now where in God's green earth do you ever hear that? Bottom line, do yourself a favor and at least give him a call. By doing so you'll either raise the qualifications bar or you'll hire him. Those are about the only two things that can happen.
Mark is an expert in his field. He made buying a home in Cape Cod a breeze. He recommended all the right people (home inspector, attorney etc) and went above and beyond. If you are buying a home in New Seabury, call Mark!
We highly recommend Mark Thompson of New Seabury Sotheby'™s International Realty. Mark is a true professional. His knowledge and expertise of the local real estate market was extremely helpful to us. As out-of-state buyers Mark'™s experience and attention to detail was most welcomed by us. We look forward to spending time in our Maushop Village Cottage and hope to see Mark agin soon!
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